Non Basmati Rice
Laxmi Ganapati Motars is a three year old company with a vision to make available Non Basmati Rice to buyers at market leading price. Who doesn't love white, long grain rice that further expands upon cooking? Stock your kitchen with  IR 64 or PR 11 Non Basmati Rice.
Fresh Vegetables
Laxmi Ganapati Motars is a supplier of potato and red onion. These vegetables are the widely used and versatile vegetables that form an essential ingredient in many meal recipes. We can supply fresh vegetables daily, all year around to customers.
Long Basmati Rice
India is one of the largest producers of long basmati rice; it accounts for two-thirds of the worldwide supply. This kind of rice has nutty and floral aroma and taste. This rice grains doesn't stick after cooking, which makes it apt for making biryani and other rice dishes.

"Minimum Order Quantity should be 25 Tonnes"