What Makes Our Agro Products The Best Option?

We are succeeding in cultivating high reputation and acclaim, thanks to the stringent quality measures we follow, that too with utmost diligence, to make sure all aspects associated with our agro products, like rice and sugar are nothing short of perfection. In order to ensure quality, we do audits at mills and lands where these agro products are cultivated and harvested. A defined set of rules direct our company's proceedings at all stages, from procurement and going all the way to packaging and shipping.

Hygienic Warehousing Unit

We have developed a spacious warehousing unit where the entire product range is kept systematically and safely under suitable conditions. Built over a wide land area, it has the capacity to stock products in large quantity. Our housekeeping staff cleans the entire unit every day to store the products under safe & hygienic environment. We also emphasize on packaging, as we believe good quality packing enhances the shelf life and help retain product freshness, aroma & taste for longer time duration. Our suppliers provide all processed agro products in air tight and moisture proof packs, which protects the same from dust particles and moisture.

Why Laxmi Ganapati Motars?

In countries like India, Onion, Rice are consumed on daily basis and in large amount as they serve as basic ingredients for making several dishes. With the purpose to meet the growing demand of agro products, we, Laxmi Ganapati Motars were founded. We hold years of experience in the agricultural sector and offer a variety in every product category in the offering. We are helping our people and nation, by providing food that is:

  • Of better quality
  • In greater quantity
  • Has wider variety
  • At low price

Industries That Rely On Agro Products

In India, agriculture is the prime source of employment as around 58% of India's population is engaged in this sector. Indian food industry has witnessed huge growth and contribute majorly in world food trade every year owing to its value addition potential in food processing sector. There are many industries that rely on agriculture industry for using the agro products as raw material, some of them being food processing, beverage and sugar.

"Minimum Order Quantity should be 25 Tonnes"